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The Threshold

Surfing the gravity well.

Duke Euphoria De'Gryn
4 March 1970
Ok, these days I do exist here.

I used to be elsewhere but followed my friends from one place to the other.

My "real" name is Ian, I'm a computer games programmer, working for Kuju Entertainment in London England, where we have moderate fun for lots of the day

My best beloved will probably feature heavily in thse pages one way or another. But we both lead complicated lives so don't be concerned if one or more of us is out playing with other chums. Everything's Ok.

My interests include everything and everyone, with the exception of Television soap operas which I loathe with a passion I can hardly describe.

I enjoy making new friends, and to some extent influencing people. I have a tendancy to preach.

I work too hard, sleep too little and spend far too long staring off into space considering something entirely irrelevant to the situation at hand.

I'm a good programmer
A rather poor electronic engineer
An unsucessful inventor
A reasonable cook
A bad thief
A rotten wife
An attentive lover

This begins, as I expect it will go on, in a somewhat haphazard fashion,
story of my life really...