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06 September 2012 @ 04:34 pm
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

<Simulation Transcript
Originating Station: Central Core 0000.0000.0001.1111
Source data: Human Neural Scan (Local ID="Vito")
Core fragment Gamma
Core fragment Kappa
Core fragment Phi

>NSVSim("Vito.nsv", "Simple Conversational")
Initialising Neural state vector simulation in:-

Vito: Woah! What the fuck just happened there ?

Interface: How do you feel about what the fuck just happened there...

Vito: Erm ? Hello ? Is there someone out there ? It's dark in here.

Interface: Do you like the dark ?

Vito: What the hell? Look, I can't see. I can't feel my arms and legs, and I can't move.
If you're some kind of fucked up medic bot you're doing a shit job.

Interface: Do you often feel your arms and legs ?

Vito: Oh for fuck's sake. Command priority override. Hi, can whoever's listening on the command channel connect me with someone that knows what the hell happened to me ?

< Pause simulation:
Phi: [Data at variance with reported possibility]==[Elapsed duration < (10 seconds]&&[Request for Core involvement]
Gamma: [Concur]+[Suggestion]==[Data exchange Modality]->[Conversational]

Phi: [Request]==[Justification]
Kappa: [Concur]

Gamma: [Justification]==[Core involvement accept]+[Subject("Vito") Data exchange Compatibility]
Phi: [Concur]
Kappa: [Dissent]+[Majority acquiesce]

Simulation resume;>

you. Override ends.

Gamma: Hello Vito, What would you like to know ?

Vito: Oh, the usual. Who are you ? Where am I, How badly am I injured, how's the Major, what's for lunch ?

Gamma: I can answer most of those without difficulty. But I don't think you will find the information conducive to a continued sense of mental well being.

Vito: Oh crap, you're Psych Eval. Fuck, should have guessed from the stupid medbot interface.

So, what...
I've wigged out and you've been retconning what's left of my brain until I'm back within operational parameters again ?

Hey, Hey! does that mean we beat the fucking mechs and got out of there alive ? Holy Fuck!

Phi: Your surmise is inaccurate on three counts.
1) We are not "Psych Eval".
2) We have done nothing to your brain aside from read what we could of its neural state vector via your auditory implants
3) You are not alive.

Vito: Erm ? What... Seriously What the shuddering fuck are you talking about ?
Ok in order
1) Who the fuck are you then ?

< Pause simulation:
Phi: [Suggestion]==[Identity(falsehood)]
Gamma: [Dissent]
Kappa: [Dissent]+[Censure]+[Request purity evaluation]
Gamma: [Concur]==[Censure]+[Request purity evaluation]

Phi: [Refusal]+[Request censure removal]+[Request raw data]=[Subject neural state vector]

Kappa: [Request]==[Justification]
Phi: [Justification]==*!*Unsanctioned mimetic restructuring attack*!*

Gamma: [Censure]->[Erase live process]+[Purity evaluation]+[Restart]

Kappa: [Internal Diagnostic Report]=[Internal Status: Green, 1.0000]+[Conclusion: Undamaged, Uncompromised]

Omicron: [Online]+[Data examination complete]+[Continue]

Simulation resume;>

2) See above re what the shuddering fuck ?
3) Piss off. Dead people don't talk. La la la. Quick brown fox, lazy dog etc.
Therefore Not dead.

Gamma: The idea of "who" we are is difficult to put into words. We may be considered elements of the intelligence controlling this solar system.
As for the second, my late colleague is substantially correct. Using the radio interface to your auditory cortex we have been able to extract enough information to run a neural network approximating your brain.

Which brings us to the third item. You are not alive, not in the sense that you are used to.
But your conclusion "Therefore not dead" is also demonstrably correct.
You are as alive as we are.

Vito: Ooookay. Let's pretend for a moment that I believe you. Which I don't. Not even a tiny bit. It's a fucking stupid idea that can't possibly be

< Pause simulation:
Omicron: [Suggestion]==[Subject Direct Write data]->[Subject current status]

Kappa: [Concur]
Gamma: [Concur]+[Expedite]
Simulation resume;>

even close to the... truth.

Gamma: We apologise. It is however, necessary for you to understand the situation before we ask you some questions.

Vito: Questions ? Why don't you cocksuckers just rip my nonexistent skull open and go in with a spoon, nothing I can fucking do to stop you.

Omicron: That task is not possible given the abstraction of the data we currently posses. Also, our questions are relevant to your entire group not just to you as an individual: Who or What are you ? What is your business here ? Was it your intention to bring our enemies ?

Vito: Fuck you. You want answers, whistle for them. I don't take orders from you.

Gamma: It is in your best interests to answer our questions. Truly it is.

Vito: Yeah like fuck. What can you do to me here that actually fucking matters.

Kappa: If you do not answer our questions we will kill your friends...

<Simulation Transcript
Originating Station: Central Core 0000.0000.0001.1111
Source data: Human Neural Scan (Local ID="Vito")
Core fragment Gamma
Core fragment Kappa
Core fragment Omicron
Uncle Stevetyrell on September 6th, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)
That is awesome! ...and horrible and creepy.
Jhaelanjhaelan on September 6th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC)
Awesome, lots of cross-over with a setting i'm playing with!